zondag 11 december 2011


Last week I visited a friend in Amsterdam. It had not been to Amsterdam for quite a while and it was great to be there for two days. The only bad thing about staying there were the planes, that were constantly crossing the sky, preparing to land. Sounds like thunder. We had a great time together and on the next day, last tuesday, I visited The Hermitage. At the moment (sept 17th - march 16th 2012) they present a stunning collection from the Flemish art collections of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. The three giants of the Antwerp School included: P.P. Rubens, Anthony van Dyck and Jacob Jordaens. It was a beautiful exposition, a little crowded but enough space to explore the rooms.

Jacob Jordaens (1593–1678) en Andries Daniels (?) (ca. 1580 – na 1602),
Maria met kind in een bloemenkrans, ca. 1618, olieverf op paneel, 104 x 73,5 cm
State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg
The painting above was one of my favorites. I really adore the flower medaillon. 
The Hermitage is a lovely museum on the outside as well as on the inside. 
Photo from
This photo I made myself, trying to catch a little something of the atmosphere, near to The Hermitage: 

Do you see the little christmas trees on the boat? It's Christmas time is less than a month! In two weeks! Wow, time really flies. I'm so longing for some days off...can't hardly wait for it. In the time that's left waiting, this is what keeps me going: 

donderdag 1 december 2011

Hello December

Via Nicole Jenkins
 Ten things I want to do in December:

* Finish all the books I'm reading (3 in total)
* Decorate my room for the christmas season (beginning of december)
* Find recipes for Happietaria, a temporary restaurant run by students, generating cash for an agricultural project in Uganda. I'm involved and helping in the kitchen. Really excited about it!
* Eat more fruit and veggies and vitamins that keep me healthy
* Study more
* Blog more
* Make more photos (and posting them)
* Visit a friend in Amsterdam (next week) and the Hermitage, where some great artwork of Rubens is exhibited
* Print photos and hang them on my wall
* Celebrating the birth of Jesus, and my own birthday with my family and friends :)

woensdag 30 november 2011

New Bike

Today I finally bought a bike. Traveling by bus every day (when I go to college) was tiring me more than enough. It's great to know I will never have to wait for the bus anymore. I was very happy when I found out this bike was for sale. It was very reasonably priced (60 euro) and it is in a great vintage condition. It was built between 1975 - 1985 by the famous Dutch bike factory Gazelle. When I went to college this afternoon I was so happy to feel the wind in my hair, the sunshine on my face! Just look at this beauty!

It's just great to see the details. I love my bike. Bikes are awesome anyway. In a city like Utrecht (were I study History of Art) many people use bikes every day. If you are bored, go to youtube and look for 'bikes utrecht'. You will be amazed to see the morning rush or the parking problems... I think one more will do no harm...
Found here

zaterdag 26 november 2011

Why this kolaveri di?

Because I just can't stop listening to this unusual but awesome music ;) Have a nice weekend! 

maandag 14 november 2011

Capernwray Hall

Capernwray Hall by night. Click for enlargement! 
Last summer I was lucky to stay for three weeks at the beautiful 19th century Manor House, Capernwray Hall. It's a great place in the north of England and has modern facilities (sauna and swimmingpool, too!). I worked as a volunteer during the summer, when they organise holidays (during the year it's a bible school, with students attending for half a year or a year). I'm quite sure I wrote about this before, just click at the word 'Capernwray Hall' in the right side bar if you want to read it.

Now it's getting winter quite rapidly, I suddenly really long to go back to those amazing three weeks last summer. I know it's impossible, but it was such a good time! They organise holidays again coming summer, I'm not sure if I will go work there another period yet... *thinking about it*. 

O, and some exciting news: I'm gonna write a blog article about Lomography! :D Coming soon! 
Example of Lomography. This makes a great wallpaper, too! *click* From here.

maandag 24 oktober 2011

Sunday walk

*Click on photo for enlargement *

Sunday walks are the most amazing thing on earth <3 All photo taken by me. 

vrijdag 7 oktober 2011


Due to moving to another place I didn't post in the last few weeks. But I didn't leave this blog! Autumn has come and brought wind, rain and lots of inspiration with him. I will be posting about photography (which is the main subject of this blog), fashion, design and traveling. Follow my blog with Bloglovin if you like to get updates and new posts!
This postcard I found in an incredible shot in Rotterdam, near to the Boijmans- van Beuningen Musuem. I sent it to my family as a greeting card (and inspiration for a new haircut). The shop in Rotterdam I found by accident. It is called 'Voorlopig' and they have all sort of paper goods, books, cards, stamps and other very creative stuff. So if you visit Rotterdam, just have a look, It's absolutely worth it!

ps: what's your favorite new haircut for this season?

woensdag 7 september 2011

I'm back!

And than, suddenly, without any warning, it's autumn. Outside it rains, it's cold and the leaves are turning from green to yellow, orange and red very rapidly. I can't believe summer has come to an end. It was like this summer would never end. I went to so many places, I met amazing people, I saw breathtaking things. This summer was unforgettable. 

As you might have noticed, first of all I went to England to work as a volunteer at Capernwray Hall. It's a bible school and they organize holidays during summer. When the Hall is fully booked, around 200 guests are staying so that means there is a lot of work to do. We managed (that means, the summer- and longterm staff) and next to working (in the dining hall, in my case) we had so much fun! There were people, volunteers as well, from all over the world. Germany, Spain, Austria, United States, New Zealand, France, Hungary...very interesting to meet all these people from different countries and cultures. It was very hard to go home again, after three weeks of working, fun, biblestudies, walks in the English countryside, singing, laughing, praying, staff-swims, sports, staff-lounge...

But new adventures where awaiting. Nadine had asked me to join her on a trip to Rome. Rome was the city of great food (for the food in England was OK, but not that nice), amazing art and famous old buildings, incredibly hot weather, sunburn, flirting Italian waiters, drinking lots of water, eating icecream as often as possible and cheap metro tickets. Let me share some photos to illustrate my story ;)

The famous statue of Romus & Remulus
Old Bridge, best icecream in Rome!
Don't remember in which church this was, but just love this statue.
At Villa Borghese / Galleria Borghese.
Villa Borghese, on our way back.
More to come, in the meanwhile have a look at Nadine's post.

zondag 31 juli 2011

England! :D

Last thursday I finally arrived at Capernwray Hall, Carnforth, England. It is just so great to be back. I've been here last year, as a guest, for one week. This time I'll stay three weeks. And time flies because I have lots of fun. On friday there was a big bonfire, I'll upload photos later because the internet is kind of slow here. It was lovely and we were lucky because there was a dry period for some days, so the wood was dry enough for the fire. 

I share a room with 4 roommates. Unfortunately the room is located downstairs the conference hall and not in the main building (the castle). But that's ok, I don't have to pay for my stay (because I work in the dining hall - I have to serve food-), so I can't complain ;) 

We had quite some fun last friday, so let me share just a littlebit:
from left to right: me, Kathrin, Lubuw (both from Germany)

I guess it will be just one photo for now, it takes ages to upload one. That's the country side... ;) I'll (try to) keep you updated!

zaterdag 23 juli 2011

How they've grown!

I can almost use my basilicum plants! They've grown very fast. Don't they look amazing? <3 (have a full view look!)

vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Royal Dutch Airlines

Five more days and I'll be sitting in a plane again, on my way to my first destination for the summer. I have been flying before and I really like it, esspecially when the plane takes off. This time I will be going on my own and I'm really excited and a little nervous...but this old poster cheered me up. Look at that plane! That must have been quite an adventure, back in the days! I found this poster today in a thriftstore (yes, that's the main thing I do these days because I will be moving to another place after the summer). It is a poster from Royal Dutch Airlines, also called the KLM. And the funny thing is, I'll be flying with Royal Dutch Airlines! But this airplane is in a musuem now ;)

maandag 18 juli 2011


Last friday I visited a market where I found some amazing items. I've always loved thriftmarkets and I have a very good reason to spend money! 'Cause I'm going to move into my new room in September! Today I heard the big news and I still can't believe I've got the room. It is a room very near my school, so I don't have to travel so much (more than an hour four days a week). I feel so lucky! But my new room needs furniture. Which brings me back to thrifting! :)
This beautiful glass caraffe, with two glasses. So beautiful,  it makes drinking lemonade on a hot summerday even more enjoyable! 
In this beautiful old car they were selling french fries (which I did not buy because it was far too hot to eat anything so fat)
I love the colour of this one. Hopefully I'll find some mugs in the same colour somewhere...

This ruler makes it easy to keep all my little scraps of paper together in a nice way. 
This polaroid...I just couldn't resist. Very cute, still working (but I'll have to buy film first) and very cheap. Awesome.

Some day this week I'll have a second look at my room (sounds weird, but it is MY room now, in theory), make some measurements and than I will be able to start thinking about how I can make this room my own space...

donderdag 7 juli 2011

50 mm love

Recently I bought the Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens, which is absolutely amazing. It works so well and I can't stop making photos! I looked at my blog and I realised I didn't upload so many new photos yet. So here they are!
Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea - lovely on a hot summer day!
The garden of my dad (he is a gardener) keeps bringing me joy.
Isn't this amazing? It is not even in full bloom!
My brother. Making a portrait is so easy now :) (plus he 's supercute ^^)
I so like this new lens! More to come! Or take a look at the earlier blog post about my photo project!
Have a nice day!
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