donderdag 12 mei 2011

Art Academy

Last year I had to decide which study I liked most. I really wanted to go to the Hogeschool voor de kunsten  in Utrecht, an art academy. Unfortunately my application was declined. It was quite a shock for me actually, but my chances of getting in were only 9%. A few weeks later I decided to visit the University of Utrecht. When I look at it now, that was one of the best choices I ever made. I feel like it's the perfect study for me, but sometimes...i just want to create art, instead of only studying about art ;) Fortunately, I have a camera though, so it compensates quite well. What do you study, if I may ask?

Video by syntax

1 opmerking:

  1. Eerst examen. Dan ga ik een jaar naar Zweden, highschool en als ik weer in Nederland ben ga ik de lerarenopleiding Engels doen in Leeuwarden :)
    Liefs, Swaen


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