donderdag 30 juni 2011

Roaming in Rome

It seems like luck never stops following me. Today I added another trip on my summer-list: a (short) week to Rome! Nadine asked me if I would like to go to Rome. It was just an idea at that moment and to be honest it didn't sound very realistic yet...but we turned or 'can't into cans and our dreams into plans' and now we've booked a place on a campside!
I'm so very excited about it, I never even dreamed of going on another trip this summer (I'm going to England as well for three weeks). It is amazing, but true. We don't have any plans about what to visit in Rome yet, but I'm sure we'll work that out soon :) Have you ever been in Rome? What do you recommend?

'Rome' by Scifio via Deviantart

3 opmerkingen:

  1. It's totally awesome! Never expected it would all be settled that fast :D
    PS mag ik je foto eventueel op m'n blog gooien (met benoeming van full credits richting jou natuurlijk)?

  2. @Nadine: Absolutely! Binnen een week alles snel ja ;) En tuurlijk mag je m'n foto gebruiken! :D

  3. Super! Rome is echt een prachtige stad :) Tip: de Villa Borghese, een heel mooi museum - klein van opzet en prachtig! Wel van tevoren reserveren..


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