maandag 18 juli 2011


Last friday I visited a market where I found some amazing items. I've always loved thriftmarkets and I have a very good reason to spend money! 'Cause I'm going to move into my new room in September! Today I heard the big news and I still can't believe I've got the room. It is a room very near my school, so I don't have to travel so much (more than an hour four days a week). I feel so lucky! But my new room needs furniture. Which brings me back to thrifting! :)
This beautiful glass caraffe, with two glasses. So beautiful,  it makes drinking lemonade on a hot summerday even more enjoyable! 
In this beautiful old car they were selling french fries (which I did not buy because it was far too hot to eat anything so fat)
I love the colour of this one. Hopefully I'll find some mugs in the same colour somewhere...

This ruler makes it easy to keep all my little scraps of paper together in a nice way. 
This polaroid...I just couldn't resist. Very cute, still working (but I'll have to buy film first) and very cheap. Awesome.

Some day this week I'll have a second look at my room (sounds weird, but it is MY room now, in theory), make some measurements and than I will be able to start thinking about how I can make this room my own space...

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