woensdag 7 september 2011

I'm back!

And than, suddenly, without any warning, it's autumn. Outside it rains, it's cold and the leaves are turning from green to yellow, orange and red very rapidly. I can't believe summer has come to an end. It was like this summer would never end. I went to so many places, I met amazing people, I saw breathtaking things. This summer was unforgettable. 

As you might have noticed, first of all I went to England to work as a volunteer at Capernwray Hall. It's a bible school and they organize holidays during summer. When the Hall is fully booked, around 200 guests are staying so that means there is a lot of work to do. We managed (that means, the summer- and longterm staff) and next to working (in the dining hall, in my case) we had so much fun! There were people, volunteers as well, from all over the world. Germany, Spain, Austria, United States, New Zealand, France, Hungary...very interesting to meet all these people from different countries and cultures. It was very hard to go home again, after three weeks of working, fun, biblestudies, walks in the English countryside, singing, laughing, praying, staff-swims, sports, staff-lounge...

But new adventures where awaiting. Nadine had asked me to join her on a trip to Rome. Rome was the city of great food (for the food in England was OK, but not that nice), amazing art and famous old buildings, incredibly hot weather, sunburn, flirting Italian waiters, drinking lots of water, eating icecream as often as possible and cheap metro tickets. Let me share some photos to illustrate my story ;)

The famous statue of Romus & Remulus
Old Bridge, best icecream in Rome!
Don't remember in which church this was, but just love this statue.
At Villa Borghese / Galleria Borghese.
Villa Borghese, on our way back.
More to come, in the meanwhile have a look at Nadine's post.

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  1. Klinkt als een geweldige zomer! :D Rome is echt één van mijn favoriete steden. Je raakt er nooit uitgekeken!


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