maandag 14 november 2011

Capernwray Hall

Capernwray Hall by night. Click for enlargement! 
Last summer I was lucky to stay for three weeks at the beautiful 19th century Manor House, Capernwray Hall. It's a great place in the north of England and has modern facilities (sauna and swimmingpool, too!). I worked as a volunteer during the summer, when they organise holidays (during the year it's a bible school, with students attending for half a year or a year). I'm quite sure I wrote about this before, just click at the word 'Capernwray Hall' in the right side bar if you want to read it.

Now it's getting winter quite rapidly, I suddenly really long to go back to those amazing three weeks last summer. I know it's impossible, but it was such a good time! They organise holidays again coming summer, I'm not sure if I will go work there another period yet... *thinking about it*. 

O, and some exciting news: I'm gonna write a blog article about Lomography! :D Coming soon! 
Example of Lomography. This makes a great wallpaper, too! *click* From here.

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  1. How nice! I wish I had ever been to the UK, would be so nice! And how cool that you did volunteer work there. Are you going to do it again next summer?
    And I really like lomography, wish there was like some kind of program for, so that I could edit my pictures with it :)
    Love, Swaen


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