woensdag 30 november 2011

New Bike

Today I finally bought a bike. Traveling by bus every day (when I go to college) was tiring me more than enough. It's great to know I will never have to wait for the bus anymore. I was very happy when I found out this bike was for sale. It was very reasonably priced (60 euro) and it is in a great vintage condition. It was built between 1975 - 1985 by the famous Dutch bike factory Gazelle. When I went to college this afternoon I was so happy to feel the wind in my hair, the sunshine on my face! Just look at this beauty!

It's just great to see the details. I love my bike. Bikes are awesome anyway. In a city like Utrecht (were I study History of Art) many people use bikes every day. If you are bored, go to youtube and look for 'bikes utrecht'. You will be amazed to see the morning rush or the parking problems... I think one more will do no harm...
Found here

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooooi!
    Lijkt op mijn busfiets, alleen heeft die van jou een mooiere kleur + hippere koplamp + istie in veel betere staat. :) Nice!

  2. Wat een geweldige fiets!
    Waar heb je hem gekocht? (Ik ben namelijk ook dringend opzoek naar een goedkope fiets.)


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