woensdag 7 maart 2012

Joel Sternfeld. Color Photographs Since 1970.

Yesterday I finally visited FOAM in Amsterdam with Nadine. It was such a lovely day! But first, let me tell you something about the exhibitions we visited.
The one that impressed me most was the retrospective exhibition of Joel Sternfeld (1944, New York). He's one of the pioneers of color photography. 'A constant factor in his work is his native land America, its inhabitants and the traces left by people on the landscape. With a subtle feeling for irony and an exceptional feeling for color, Sternfeld offers us an image of daily life in America over the last three decades.' There were more than hundred photos from ten different series.
Mclean, Virginia, 1978 (C) Sternfeld and Luhring Augustine, New York     
This one is my favorite from the exhibition. The orange color of the pumpkins and the fire, the three poles in the foreground and the three bushes in front of the burning house. The fireman that looks as if he wants to buy a pumpkin and tries to find the biggest one...and last but not least the amazing color tones.
I was really surprised by the work of Joel Sternfeld, I've to admit his work was completely new to me. He's such a brilliant photographer. It was great to see photos from the 80s that were shot in color (back in the days, they mostly shot in black and white). If you have the chance, go to FOAM and see it for yourself!

Another exhibition we visited was the one called 'The Tribe', by Pavel Prokopchik (Russia, 1982). Pavel Prokopchik lives in The Netherlands since 2001 and has studied photography in Den Haag. Pavel Prokopchik has been spending several months living with a group of young people in Russia who have chosen an alternative lifestyle, away from politics and a materialistic society. More information can be found here.
Lama and at that time his girlfriend Nastya, Sleeping after arriving to Utrisch. Krasnodarsky kray, Russia © Pavel Prokopchik
Visiting FOAM was truly inspiring and -of course- I had my own camera with me. So on our way back to the train station, I made some photos of Amsterdam.
Amsterdam Canal. Sorry for the watermark, but this one is for sale (as a print) so that's why ;) © Lieke Huiting
For the love of oldtimer cars. Lucky shot, the boy was smiling at us :) © Lieke Huiting
Strangers passing by. © Lieke Huiting
Bikes = Amsterdam :) © Lieke Huiting
Amsterdam Underground, Public Transport - to be. Building the Noord/Zuid-lijn. © Lieke Huiting

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  1. Wat heb je zelf ook mooie foto's gemaakt!
    Liefs, Swaen

  2. Wauw. Nu wil ik ook wel een keer naar zo'n tentoonstelling :).
    En ja, ik vind jouw foto's ook heel mooi!


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